Clave de Mi is a space where the musician can find all those methods that he will need in his life as a student and as a professional. However, the great novelty is that he will have an online player where he can load, reproduce and modify these exercises, adapt them to his level… to improve his day-to-day life as a student and multiply his performance.

Multitud de métodos y ejercicios


The problems of the musician in his day to day

It has happened to many of us who in one way or another have faced the world of learning the instrument that in the end we always end up falling into the same mistakes:

  • Repeating exercises that work well for us over and over again (because that makes us feel comfortable), when we should always try to give it “a twist”.
  • On the contrary, facing exercises that surpass us, approaching them many times without a correct methodology, with which we do not advance, and the next day we return to the same point.
  • Interpret an entire exercise that lasts 2 minutes when there are only 10 seconds that resist us. So we are wasting 90% of the time.
  • Not having a well-structured routine, so we do nothing more than “study like crazy”.
  • Not writing down the successes and the errors, with which we finally forget what we had done the previous days.
  • And a host of other errors…

Be careful, I am not saying that all these points are always manifested, and it is possible that in many cases, you have a methodology and ideas so firm that you are always very clear about your routine, what to study, and what to improve… but this does not happen in a large number of cases, among which I can include myself once.

Clave de Mi player... a new way to study

Clave de Mi player collects many of the methods used in conservatories and music schools, so that they are available to the student online. You simply have to access, choose the instrument and method that you want to study, and all the exercises that the method has available will be available so that the musician can choose which one they want to study, reproduce it, or adapt it to their needs.


Study mode

The study mode of the Clave de Mi player is a totally new feature that will help the student to have the study organized in their daily routine.

The application automatically saves and analyzes everything that the student is doing, so that the musician can check at any time what he studied on a specific day, rate the level at which he has done it, review his own assessment to try improve it, or give it less importance if you have already made it perfect.

In this way, the student will be able to have a vision of his progress day by day, motivating him to continue improving, and multiplying his performance in front of the instrument.

Activate study mode to see your progress

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