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most used in Conservatories and Music Schools

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Main features of Clave de Mi Player

Interactive sheets with thousands of Music Methods exercises

Modify tempo to suit your level

Pick a difficult section and play it on loop

More than 100 audio sources available

Transport between the 7 musical keys

Transports to other pitches

Activate Study Mode to save your progress

Request the scores you want

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There is still much more
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what else Clave de Mi has to offer!

Do you want to learn music theory?

Do you feel that sheet music is an impenetrable enigma? Don’t worry! In Clave de Mi there is a special module that will guide you with patience and clarity, revealing the secrets of the musical language. Learning music theory will give you the ability to read and recognize each note accurately, understand the rhythm of compositions, and lay the foundations for your life as a musician.

Read on and start your musical journey today!

Do you want to master music editing software
most used in the world?

If music is your passion and you want to compose, arrange or simply put your melodies on paper, keep reading, because you are just one click away from discovering what is possibly the best MuseScore 4 course:



Learn and master from scratch all the tools and functionalities that MuseScore 4 has to offer. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to improve your musical skills and bring your compositions to life.

Become a true trumpet or cornet soloist!

Another of Clave de Mi’s projects has been the publication of a couple of books about these two fantastic instruments. You want to know more?

Keep reading! Brotherhood music is a deep link with the tradition of both Spain and other countries that experience Holy Week in a very special way.

At the heart of each procession, the trumpet and bugle awaken emotions that transcend time.

Now, you can explore this musical legacy with these 2 sheet music books designed to give you a great collection of trumpet and cornet solos and duets.

Whether you’re an experienced musician or a passionate beginner, these sheet music books are a gateway to the world of brotherly music.

Click on each book to immerse yourself in the essence of brotherhood music and bring these compositions to life with your trumpet or cornet.

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