The violin is a bowed string instrument whose sound is produced when the violinist passes a bow through one of the four strings it has.

Learn violin

For a musician who wants to dedicate himself to the world of the violin, some of the facets that he must learn are the following:

  • Adopt a relaxed position when playing that allows the handling of the bow and the placement of the instrument.
  • Control coordination between hands.
  • Bow strokes: detachĂ©, martelĂ©, legato…
  • Use of vibrato as an element of musical expression.
  • Fixed positions and position changes.
  • Study of the horizontal movement of the right arm
  • Study of the perpendicular movement of the fingers of the left hand
  • Pizzicato

Violin Methods in Clave de Mi

We currently have 7 methods for violin among which we have just integrated the first one in our Clave de Mi player.

Ranking by difficulty

Due to the large number of existing methods for this instrument, it is often difficult for us to find a method that suits our level, especially when the musician is still new.

For this reason, we wanted to classify all the methods available on this site according to the level of difficulty of the exercises.

If you want to know how we establish this criterion, you can do it from here.


Below you have a summary table where you can see all the piano methods that you can find in digital and/or physical format, and that will soon be integrated into the Clave de Mi player.

Method Download in PDF Link to Amazon Online Audios
Suzuki Violin School
Volume 1-7​
(Volume 1)
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