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The Total Range method is a trumpet method focused mainly on expanding the register of the instrument both towards very high notes and towards pedal notes.

Total Range - Charles S. Peters

Content of the Total Range method

The best thing about this method is the organization of the exercises, since it practically gives you a daily routine so that you can simply follow it without further complications. Specifically, the method is organized into 4 large blocks: beginning (beginner), intermediate (intermediate), advanced (advanced) and professional (professional), and in turn, each block is subdivided into 4 weeks.

However, we have to bear in mind that, although technically we should spend a week with each block, as we progress it will become a more than impossible task (think that otherwise anyone would have a range of more than 4 octaves in 16 weeks), so we will have to go, as always, little by little and with patience, gaining record.

Each of the weekly routines are very similar, except that each week one more jump of note, more speed or an additional exercise is added. As for the type of exercises, we can find warm-up preliminaries, flexibility exercises in order of difficulty, a chromatic exercise and it ends with an arpeggios exercise.

As I mentioned before, it is a book that I recommend to everyone, but especially to those people who either have little time, or have a hard time creating a personalized routine, since this is a very, very “squared” method, with everything very well specified.

Get the Total Range method

Total Range method with online audio

We have the Total Range method for trumpet perfectly integrated into our “Clave de Mi” player, and you will have the exercises organized by categories, so that you can quickly go to practice the exercise you need.

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Total Range method in PDF

You also have the option to download the Total Range method in PDF.

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