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The Bai Lin method (link to Amazon, whose real name is Lip Flexibilites, is a trumpet method used for the development of what we call “flexibility” that is nothing more than the ease of moving from one note to another without changing the position of the pistons.

Lip Flexibilities - Bai Lin

Bai Lin method content

Practically one of the basic pillars of the trumpeter is flexibility, which will allow us, over time, to improve our range while we get used to the lip to go from a low note to a higher one, with the greatest possible ease and making the minimum change of embouchure possible.

For this, this method is one of the most used in conservatories, since it begins with very easy exercises, barely changing between 2 or 3 notes, and ends with exercises that combine several octaves in a single breath. In total it is made up of 7 lessons, each one made up of various exercises of increasing difficulty. I recommend that you do not go on to the next one until you have mastered the previous one well, so you have a problem repeating the same exercise during several study sessions.

Flexibility should be almost a daily job, since it is one of the points that we can lose the most when we stop playing the trumpet for a while.

When starting with flexibility exercises, when we are still beginners, one of the biggest problems that usually arise is not controlling the passage of air well and “forcing” or “pushing” the notes to get to the note. that we need, so it is important to do these exercises very slowly at the beginning, and above all, with a guide or metronome that tells us that we are changing the note just at the moment in which we should do it. In this way we will be able to control the note change and not the other way around.

To do this, and since we have this method in its entirety in our “Clave de Mi” player, we recommend that you do it with a metronome, or follow the musical guide to try to get as close as possible to what the exercise asks for, which is precision and ease.

Organization of exercises by difficulty

Although the Bai Lin method starts with relatively simple exercises in terms of flexibility, it is recommended to use this method when the student already has a certain level. As an approximate, this is the organization of exercises according to their difficulty:

Dificulty Exercises
Nivel_2 1 - 18
Nivel_3 19 - 39

Performance of the Bai Lin Method

Here are some examples of the performance of this method to give you an idea of ​​how it sounds and how difficult it is.

Get the Bai Lin Method

Bai Lin method with online audios

We have the Bai Lin method for trumpet perfectly integrated into our “Clave de Mi” player, and you will have the exercises organized by categories, so that you can quickly go to practice the exercise you need.

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Buy Bai Lin Method

It is always highly recommended to have the methods and pieces in physical format (paper). In this way you will be able to create a great personal library, which will allow you one day to rediscover exercises that you had forgotten, lend your family and friends a book from your collection, or simply look at it and make you remember how hard (and at the same time exciting) was interpreting that work that you have overcome today.

For all this, we have reviewed and selected for you the most recommended, cheap and sold products, so that you can quickly acquire them from Amazon.

Lip flexibilities for all brass instruments cuivres
Este es uno de los títulos más populares de Balquhidder. El profesor de trompeta en el Conservatorio Central de Beijing, China, ha compuesto un libro de 40 páginas extraordinariamente bien organizado de estudios de flexibilidad que abarca desde el nivel elemental hasta el avanzado. Un nuevo texto estándar para la flexibilidad de la embocadura de latón que merecidamente se une al panteón de otros estudios similares de Schlossberg, Irons, Colin, Smith, etc. libro de estudios de flexibilidad que abarca los niveles elemental y avanzado. Un nuevo texto estándar para la flexibilidad de la embocadura de latón que se une merecidamente al panteón de otros estudios similares de Schlossberg, Irons, Colin, Smith, etc.

Bai Lin method in PDF

Although you have the audios available in our player, we regret to inform you that this method is currently protected by the Copyright Law of Spain and therefore, its download in PDF is not available. For this reason, we recommend that you acquire it in physical format, or on another website that has the author’s permission for its publication and download.

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