Video #2: Muse Hub

Video #2: Muse Hub

Very good to everyone! How are you? I’m Ismael Vallejo from Clave de Mi and I welcome you to MuseTube video number 2, the MuseScore course we’ve been doing for a few days.

If you remember in the last video, we were seeing how an installation was done on Windows leaving Muse Hub aside.

So today what we’re going to do is go back to the MuseScore download screen and see what Muse Hub is, what’s the difference between installing with and without Muse Hub, and if it’s really worth it.

Let’s go there! Just like the other day, we went to the musescore.org page (remember that it’s not “.com” but “.org” and, if you remember in the previous video, what we were doing was downloading the software without Muse Hub.

But Before downloading this version, we are going to see what Muse Hub really is.

To do this, we can also go to its website: musehub.com, and here we have all the information about what Muse Hub consists of.

As we see here in the animation , we see that we have the option to download several applications among which is MuseScore, news and a part dedicated to Muse Sounds, which we will talk about later.To sum it up, Muse Hub is nothing more than a platform that gives us direct links to different downloads.

One of them is MuseScore, but we have other types of software like, for example, we see Audacity there.

It also allows us to quickly download certain plugins for MuseScore, for example, Muse Sounds.

What is Muse Sounds?Muse Sounds is nothing more than a sound bank created by the MuseScore team, so that when we play our scores they sound with more real instruments.

But we will see that now in much more detail.

The question we must ask ourselves is: is it really necessary to have Muse Hub? The answer is no.

You don’t need to have Muse Hub to enjoy MuseScore.

Is it recommended? Well, for me it is something that I leave to the choice of each one.

In my case, the truth is that I don’t use it, but it’s also true that the first time MuseScore came out, not knowing the Muse Hub platform, I downloaded it without it and once I had it downloaded, I tried to download it.

Muse Hub and from there, I downloaded the different soundbanks from Muse Sounds.

Apart from that, I haven’t used it for anything else, but, for example, it could also be used to update applications, to see if new applications are released, new sound banks, plugins, extensions, etc…that could come to us good for our MuseScore.

As I already said, I leave the choice of each one if you want to download it with or without Muse Hub.

Going back to the previous screen and, as I said, to download it with Muse Hub, you have to click directly on the Free Download button, we see that now the Muse Hub is downloaded directly instead of the MuseScore.

We save it where we prefer and once the download has finished, we simply have to click to start the installation.

And once it’s finished, we see how this auxiliary window automatically opens with all the information from Muse Hub.

To see it quickly, as I told you before, at the top we have different applications (in our case we are interested in MuseScore, which we will download later), and if we continue going down, we can see other sections: like news, Muse Sounds (which I mentioned before it was a sound bank to improve those that are already installed by default): strings, percussion, metal, etc…and also above we can investigate the other tabs: different sound elements, effects, etc…For example , in this tab we have Muse FX, which is another plugin that, for all those who love different synthesizers, reverberation effects, choirs, etc…, we can also incorporate it into our MuseScore installation.

But going back to what interests us, which is the installation, it would be as simple as going back to Home, and clicking on the MuseScore icon.

We would automatically see how MuseScore begins to be installed and once installed, we would see how the application opens automatically.

By the way, I haven’t said it before, but at the bottom we can see how all the Muse Sounds have a tick.

That’s because I already have them downloaded on Mi PC.

But we can look for one that has not been downloaded so that you can see that the installation is exactly the same.

We simply click on the plugin that we want to download, a screen will open with all the information on all the features that it has incorporated, and by clicking “Get” we would incorporate it into our version of MuseScore.

As you can see, it has already been installed and I automatically get the tick again .

In the same way, we could do it with everything we wanted to download.

In the last tab, in the Inspiration tab, we can see both different news, songs to download and videos to learn different features from the MuseScore developers.

Of course, they are in English, so if you want it in Spanish you already know where to go: Clave de Mi and the MuseTube course! And nothing else, I just want to make this little video referring to the Muse Hub part, in case you wanted to know how it worked, what features it had and how to download a version of MuseScore from this software (which, on the other hand, is the version by default, since the download button incorporates Muse Hub as standard).

Now it is up to you to decide if you want it with Muse Hub or without Muse Hub but, in one way or another, you have seen how we got to the same thing in both ways, and it is a complete installation of MuseScore.

More than for the installation of MuseScore, I recommend that it can be very useful for downloading the different Muse Sounds packages for all those who use it or the different FX that it allows us to download.

As always, we encourage you to subscribe, ring the bell, put a comment or a like so that this course gradually gains visibility for the entire MuseScore community and we become the best course in Spanish there is.

See you in the next video, where we will see the other side of the coin, that is, the installation on Linux that may seem simple, but it has given me some problems that I will comment on in the next video.

See you soon!

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